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The best——er, nerdiest——crossword puzzle podcast in the whole wide cruciuniverse.

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Mar 24, 2022

Happy Spring, sweet (and bitter) peas! 🌱 Your favorite average-but-clean wee lasses celebrate the season by coming for the bloggers and continuing to review New York Times crossword puzzles (from 3/14/22 - 3/20/22). Discussed:

  • Brooke's new Tinder bio
  • Littering is bad
  • ... as is toxic crossword commentary
  • Mini vs....

Mar 12, 2022

So, all the things, mm? Alllllll the things. Anyway, here is another episode, featuring, as usual, Rebecca and Brooke's reviews of the New York Times crossword puzzles (2/28/22 - 3/6/22). Also discussed:

  • What's in a crossword theme?
  • Whenfore a question mark clue?
  • Teresa Teng
  • Unchecked squares.

Enjoying "Crossnerds"?...

Mar 1, 2022

Another week (2/21/22 - 2/27/22), another seven New York Times crossword puzzles reviewed! Also featuring:

  • Kelly "Wintertime" Kapow!ski and the Rugrats grandpa ("new LOU, who dis")
  • Rebuses
  • Chocolate v. candy
  • Theme queries and the crossword submission process.

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